Why Is Alcohol Not Available Online? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Order Booze Online

Today you can get anything home delivered. From a toothbrush to a cupboard, it can all arrive in under two weeks. So why aren’t there major alcohol delivery apps? There’s a lot of reasons why, actually. And we’ll go through them all in this article. But first, if you live in a neighbourhood in India where alcohol is delivered to the home, remember that the transaction doesn’t have the cover of the law. Here’s why:

Is There A Law On Alcohol Delivery?

No, there isn’t a law. As state government generates revenue from the sale of alcohol, rules related to it can also differ greatly from one state to the next. While several states have claimed that they will provide guidelines for the delivery of alcohol, this is yet to work out and a few start-ups have been busted in the past few years by the excise department. The chief reason why a liquor store isn’t permitted to deliver for now is that they are permitted to sell only on their premises, not elsewhere. There’s a good reason for this, too.

  1. Minors can order alcohol

There is no way to prevent minors from ordering alcohol online. Even though you might set an age limit, minors who wish to order alcohol can still bypass the rule and place an order for alcohol. Some might argue that delivery can be stopped but once there is a transaction fee involved, the headache of refunds come into the picture. This can be a pain in the neck, as it will result in a loss of sale and money will be wasted on carting, packing and delivering the alcohol product.


The possibility of selling duplicate alcohol

While excise officials can keep a check on alcohol stored at a warehouse or a store, they cannot keep tabs on what alcohol is delivered to a customer. Some unscrupulous stores, might change the alcohol, refill it with hooch or duplicate alcohol and provide it to a customer for the original fee. This results in cheating and can be dangerous to consume.


The possibility of selling cheaper alcohol for a higher price

Each state has its own custom and excise duty, this means alcohol can be cheaper in one state and expensive in another. When it is an online delivery, sometimes rogue companies can source alcohol from a state where it is cheaper and sell it at the normal rate in another state.


While there are many other reasons for governments disallowing online delivery of alcohol, the ones mentioned above are the ones that most commonly affect the consumer and because of these reasons, governments are skeptical about permitting delivery of liquor online.

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