Visit The Khokari Tombs For A Touch of Nostalgia

Khokari Tombs
Khokari Tombs are on the way to Agardanda, a small village near Murud. The tombs are an excellent place for architecture history buffs to explore. Around 50 tombs lie within the complex, and they’re all in pretty good shape, despite being old.
The complex is home to deceased stalwarts of the Siddi community. Inside the Khokari Tomb complex, you’ll come across around 50 tombs. While visiting each one of them is a good idea, the focus should be on the two main tombs at the complex. In one of them lie the remains of Sidi Surul Khan, the chief of the Janjira empire from 1707 to 1734. His tomb is the biggest structure at the complex, the other one is of his brother.
Khokari Tombs Complex
Khokari Tombs
The first thing you will notice at Yakut Khan’s (Sidi Surul Khan) tomb is the Arabic inscription. It seems to me that the inscriptions marks the year of his death. The second noticeable trait is the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. The art form is prevalent across the tomb structure.
Unlike some of the other Mughal tombs, Khokari is very simple. Although, you can see traces of illustrations and artwork on the pillars and ceiling. Most of it is pretty much scratched or worn out.
The tombs have become a picnic spot. People come here to relax and soak in landscaped views that surround the tomb complex.

Getting to the Khokari Tombs From Janjira

Route Map janjira to Khokari Tombs

The tombs are located at a distance of 7 kilometres away from the Janjira Fort. It is best to drive down from the fort in your own vehicle. Actually, I would suggest booking a pre-paid cab from Mumbai itself to Murud, and then move to explore the fort and tomb complex in the same vehicle.

If you are strong and brave enough to walk, the distance from Janjira to the Khokari Tombs is a good 30 minute walk.

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