Enjoy Pushkar At Night – A Guide to Sightseeing

Towns such as Pushkar offer tourists a whole new meaning to nightlife experience. Sans bars and pubs, Pushkar has interesting nightlife experience for all kinds of tourists. There’s architectural wonders, places of worship, and sites rooted in history to explore. That is not all, shoppers and foodies can have a gala time too.  If you are visiting the holy town in Rajasthan and are keen to explore it at night, here’s a list of not to miss places.

1. Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake : Image credit Flickr

The Pushkar lake is the town’s most iconic site, so it is not shocking that it attracts thousands of tourists. Surrounded by temples and bathing ghats, the lake is the best place to spend an evening in Pushkar. There’s a lot to do near the lake, but praying at temples and taking holy dips at the bathing ghats seem to be the two popular activities for most visitors.

2. Old Rangji Temple

Rangji Temple
Old Rangji Temple

Visit the Old Rangji Temple for spiritual bliss and to gaze at beautiful Mughal and Rajput architecture. The highlight of the temple is its Gopuram that reflects typical Dravidian architecture. For a cultural experience, drop in at the temple when the Aarti is going on, the experience is fantastic.

3. Market Square

The Market Square Pushkar
The Market Square Pushkar

This is probably the only place to enjoy fresh and delicious street food in Pushkar. Post 7 pm, food carts line up the streets of the Main Market Square dishing out yummy and fresh jalebis, dal batti, kachoris and gulab jamuns. Please note, the street food vendors do not accept credit cards, carry enough change for a hassle free street food experience.

4. Safar Bazar

A great place to explore Pushkar’s shopping scene, most shops in Safar Bazar are home to  local products such as embroidered clothing and leather products. For souvenirs, visit one of the many shops in Safar Bazar that sell wooden artifacts, religious items and puppets. Safar Bazar is ideal for window shopping as well, it is also a great place for people photography and to learn about local culture.

5. Kedalganj Bazaar

For the best Rajasthani clothing, its best to shop at Kedalganj Bazaar. The stores inside this market sell the best possible Rajasthani outfits in a variety of patterns and prints. Besides clothing, a few handicraft items and leather products are sold here too. Check out the miniature paintings on display at Kedalganj, they are simply fantastic and beautiful.

6. Brahma Temple

Brahma Temple
Brahma Temple

The Brahma temple is a great place to visit for inner peace. Visit in the late evening hours, when there is no crowd for a powerful spiritual encounter. There are  beautiful artworks on the walls of the temple that was probably created hundred’s of years ago. There’s ample of benches outside the temple to sit, relax, and soak in the lovely ambiance that Pushkar has to offer.

7. Sunset Café

For a great view of the lake, dine at the Sunset Café in Pushkar. Served at this restaurant are yummy delicacies such as dal batti and a variety of pizzas and pastas. For stunning sunset views, the early evening hours are the best time to visit the cafe, for the best seats, get here by 4 pm.

8. Varah Ghat

Varah Ghat

The historic Varah Ghat plays host to the Pushkar fair and has an interesting folklore behind it. Villagers will often tell you tales about its past, mostly impressive stories. When its the Pushkar festival, the Varah Ghat is packed to capacity with locals and tourists, making a bee line for the best spot. On normal days, the crowd is fairly lighter, so there’s enough time and space to explore the ghat’s surroundings. In the evenings, couples and families sit on the steps of the ghat, enjoying nature at its best and indulge in conversations. It can safely be said that the Varah Ghat is the hang out spot for locals and tourists in Pushkar.

You might have guessed by now, Pushkar has a lot to offer tourists who love exploring at night. Ideally you would want to first have a cuppa tea at the sunset cafe and then head to the lake or the ghat for a brief while before heading out to enjoy street food and do some shopping.

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