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How To Maintain Your Glam Quotient Inspite Of A Busy Schedule

Work can be quite hectic at times and it can seriously mess up glam quotient. For people who live in Mumbai and have to take a train to work, would know how the effort to look presentable is. Most people end up wearing t-shirts and yoga pants to work, with the fear of ruining your suits and office wear during the travel. However, imagine you have to attend your bestie’s birthday party on an office night and you very well know you can’t afford to wear a t-shirt and yoga pants to the party. So we have some tricks and tips on looking your best even when you have a hectic schedule.

Here are some tricks to take you from business formal to appropriate casual!

If you don’t have time to do make-up or even buy any make-up products, you can use these drugstore products to achieve that glam look.

A Hairbrush: Carry a hairbrush or a comb depending on the quality of your hair. You can use this to style your hair in a jiffy.

Pocket Vanity Mirror: In a situation where you need to be ready in a jiffy while in a car, a small vanity mirror does a better job than a phone front camera.
Wet Face Wipes: Can’t wash your face? A face wipe can be the difference between oily, drab skin, and a fresh and dewy face.

Lotion: Pick up a small bottle of baby lotion. These lotions are made for the most sensitive skin and let the skin breathe.

Lipstick: Pick a shade that goes with most outfits. A light, nude shade, or a signature dark lip saves you, lifestyle-wise.

All-Purpose Eye-Shadow: A pocket-sized packing of glittery and pigmented eye-shadow can act as a blush, highlight, and eye-shadow.
Mascara: We suggest carrying something waterproof, and not too thick.

How to Up Your Glam Quotient Instantly 

Once you have cleaned your face using a wet-wipe or a face-wash, here are some tips on doing the make-up right.

Moisturise: Use lotion on your face to moisturize it. Wiping it with a tissue or washing it causes it to become bare and dry.

Make-Up: An overall glam look needs to highlight one part of your face. It can either be your eyes or your lips. If you are going for a heavy eye-liner, opt out of a statement lip color. Choose a light shade to make your face glow.

Shake-Up the Outfit: It isn’t easy to conjure up an outfit at the drop of a hat. Use your existing outfit to build. If you’re in a button-down shirt, switch the pants for a pencil skirt, or a pair of well-fitted jeans. Pop open a few buttons and roll up your sleeves! You can use the same trick for a blazer.

Layering: Throw on a jacket and layer your outfit to look like you’ve made an effort. Pick a shrug to throw some color and pattern onto the outfit.

Heels: Throw on a pair of heels. These can be short or long depending on your preference. Wear casual footwear like a pair of platforms, or sandals.

Hair: If you have time to style your hair, dry them into large waves. If your natural texture is curly, leave it open with some salt spray on! The added texture adds drama to your look.

Accessorize: Use accessories to draw attention to some parts of it. For example, wear longer earrings to add a soft glow to your face. Wear hair-pins with some texture and color to them – preferably a basic color like black, silver or golden. Put on lots of rings in a similar motif on your fingers, or wear a statement bracelet.

Statement Necklace: The best way to accessorize a corporate outfit is by adding a statement neckpiece to it. Go for a light shirt, dark pants, and monochrome heels to complete the look.

The most important trick, though, is to drink a lot of fluids and stay hydrated throughout the day to your glam quotient to the next level!

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