Touristy and Exciting Things to Do in Hampi

things to do in Hampi

Hampi might be recognized for its majestic ruins, but there is plenty for tourists to explore and do in the city. Follow Shayne D’souza as he takes you on a virtual tour of the city and offers you a list of tourist and exciting things to do in Hampi.

When you think about Hampi, the first thing that strikes you is ruins. The ancient city is prides itself on architecture and showmanship. All throughout the ruin sites, travelers can spot traces of stunning architectural prowess of the Harappa civilization. But, that are an exciting array of ways top enjoy the ancient city for the traveler that is not to keen on sightseeing.


The Best Things to do in Hampi


Relax at the Lotus Mahal

Whether you are looking to be one with nature or just looking for a spot to rest, chilling out at the Lotus Mahal is a great experience. The shady trees around the Lotus Mahal make it a fantastic place to unwind, and there is plenty of opportunity for a few photo sessions using the majestic architecture as the backdrop.


Ride on a Coracle Across The Riverside

things to do in Hampi


If you have not done a coracle ride before, you’ll be in for a fun time. The ride is quite relaxing, and the route offers fabulous views of the surrounding villages.  The boat takes you to the other side of the ruins where you indulge in nature walks or relax on farms.

Relax on a Farm

At Hampi, you can witness more than exploring ruins and photography. One activity that you can do without any hassle is staying at one of the many cottages that overlook rice fields. Watching the sunset from the middle of the fields is a fantastic experience and one you’ll never forget.

Go On A Cycling Tour

If you find walking around the ancient ruins boring, you’ve got a great option for exploring in cycling. You can hire a cycle and explore the ruins on wheels. You will have to pay a bike rental fee, negotiate with the cycle rental company before you hire a cycle.

Some operators organize cycle trails in Hampi, it is the best way to explore the city as you not only get to know about the best places around, but you can also enjoy some physical activity as you cycle your way through scenic spots.


Hampi is not just enjoyable for explorers, adventure sports lovers will like the place too. Try your hand at Bouldering, a unique adventure exercise that lets you climb rocks. If you are not well versed with the sport, you could book a tutorial class, there are a few Bouldering tutorial classes held in and around the ruins. Look up listings to find the best deals for bouldering in Hampi.


Shop at Hampi Bazaar

The Hampi Bazaar is a nice place to buy spices and souvenirs. The place has rich heritage and today you can see numerous shops inside the old structures. Most of the products are reasonably priced, so you would not want to bargain.

Watch Sunset from Monkey Temple

Although you can watch the sunset from almost anywhere in Hampi, the Monkey Temple is the best spot. The temple is located on the Anjayena Hill, so you can get stunning views of the sun from a height. Add in a bit of sightseeing with your visit here and you are sure to have a good time.

I have mentioned only the top experiences to enjoy, there are plenty of other activities, such as food trails andf temple hopping. But, these are experiences that are common. Whatever be your choice, you’ll surely have fun exploring and indulging in fun things to do in Hampi. I hope that your stay in Hampi is pleasant and enjoyable. If you think I have missed out on certain experiences, do let me know about them in the comments section, I will be happy to know.


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