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The 5 Must Have Beauty Essentials In Your Handbag

Beauty essentials are a part of every woman’s make up kit. Using them effectively, becomes difficult due to choc-a-bloc schedules. However, with pollution on the rise and the need to constantly look best, there are some makeup and beauty products that you need to carry with you at all times. Aparnna Hajirnis lists down some of her best beauty essentials to carry in your handbag for work, party, or when you’re on holiday. Read on to know them all.

Beauty Essentials To Carry In Your Handbag


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Sunscreen is one of the most underrated, yet one of the most important. Sun rays cause tanning of the skin, everyone knows. Another harmful effect of the sun that most people aren’t aware of is that of the UV Rays. Also emitted by the sun, most UV rays get blocked out by the Earth’s ozone layer. But those that manage to penetrate and reach the surface can cause diseases like skin cancer. So when you use proper sunscreen, you prevent not just tanning, but also cancer. Different skin tones require a sunscreen with different amount of SPF, so it’s best to consult with a dermatologist.

Compact Foundation

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This piece of makeup is an absolutely important. Be it blemishes, pigmentation, acne, dark circles or uneven tanning, using the right shade foundation and concealer will help to hide all this perfectly. A lot of women opt for a liquid foundation that can be applied using a beauty blender, but powdered foundation works just as fine. If you’re looking for a more versatile product in a similar category, you can opt for CC or BB creams. These work for covering up skin imperfections as well as moisturizing your skin. Be sure you buy the right shade! PS- A compact foundation can be also applied on your skin after a moisturizer.

Lip Balm

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Chapped or dull lips can ruin even the most perfect look. Moisturizing your lips is very important, so the next time you head to the beauty counter, find a lip balm for yourself. Whether tinted or colorless, these are easily available at all drugstores.

A few tips

Wash off any makeup products that you use in the day, before you sleep at night. While using a good face wash is the best way if you tend to get exhausted, keep a few wet tissues on your nightstand.


Don’t cake up your face excessively. Only use the required quantity.
Most importantly, let your skin breathe. One day every week should be a no-makeup day. If your pores don’t breathe, it can cause acne and other flare-ups!

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