The 16 Best Sports Bars in Mumbai

It’s World Cup season and I’m sure that all of you are looking for options to enjoy team India play their best innings on the pitch. While some prefer to grab a few drinks and head to a friend’s place, there’s a large chunk of people who opt to watch it at a bar. If you are in Mumbai and are an ardent team India fan, here’s a list of all the best sports bars in Mumbai.


1. Havana Café & Bar


The Havana Café & Bar has posh interiors and a well spread out seating area. The ambiance at the bar is typically relaxed, but come match day and Havana Café & Bar takes a complete U-turn – transforming into a buzzing sports arena.
At Havana Café & Bar, live football, tennis, and cricket matches are always screened. However, to get the best experience amongst Mumbai’s most passionate fans we suggest you head here during the live telecasts of India’s cricket matches. The ambiance is not only electric, the place literally vibrates as fans cheer team India on.
Location: Colaba, Mumbai
Cost for Two: Rs. 1,500
Timing: 6 pm to 1.30 am

2. The Boston Butt

The Boston Butt
The Boston Butt

Whenever there is an English Premier League football game, The Boston Butt always has special offers for its patrons. Matches are shown on only one big screen so, for the best experience, take a seat on the plush, comfortable seating near the screen.
The place tends to get crowded, especially for English Premier League matches, so get here early to avoid disappointment. Try the bar food while you are enjoying the game. Regular picks from the menu are sausages, pork ribs and nachos. If you love Chinese and Asian food, try food from the Asian-inspired BBQ menu.
Location: Fort, Mumbai
Cost for Two: Rs. 1,700
Timing: 12 pm to 11.30 pm

3. Geoffrey’s

Not a sports bar per se, but Geoffrey’s does show football and cricket matches on its many HD TVs.
This bar has an old world charm and a very comfortable and relaxed ambiance. We suggest you go here if you’re going on a date and want to watch an important match. It is a win-win situation as you’ll not only spend quality time with your someone special, but you’ll also be able to catch glimpses of the game at the same time.
Location: Marine Drive, Mumbai
Cost for Two: Rs. 2,800
Timing: 11 am to 1.30 am

4. The Bar Stock Exchange, Colaba

The Bar Stock Exchange in Colaba is a hot favourite with teenagers and sports buffs who come here to catch their favourite team in action on the big screen. The place is always jam packed to capacity on the weekends, when the English Premier League games are on.
There are a few HD TVs around the pub to make viewing easy for those who can’t see the big screen. So, it really doesn’t matter where you sit, you’ll still be able to catch all the live action and keep score.
Location: Colaba, Mumbai
Cost for Two: Rs. 1,800
Timing: 12 pm to 1.30 am

5. The Bar Terminal

The Bar Terminal has established itself to be a popular spot in town because of its chilled out ambiance, stunning contemporary décor and amazing cocktail selection. The bar has probably one of the best cocktail selections in South Mumbai; popular cocktails on the menu are Love & Lock, The Tequila Split, and the Jack Sparrow. Adding to the fun here are the many TVs around that show live sports matches of your favourite teams in action.

Location: Fort, Mumbai
Cost for Two: Rs. 1,200
Timing: 11 am to 1.30 am

6. Flamboyante

Situated in the World Trade Centre, Flamboyante is a gorgeous city pub that’s great for after-work drinks. With TV screens, the bar is also a good to go place to catch a football, tennis or cricket game.
You may want to note that the atmosphere during games here is less noisy than a regular sports bar in the city, so it is a good option to go to if you’re looking to watch the game is peace.
The food menu consists of typical Indian fare and, as far as drinks go, they have a vast selection of beers, Indian whiskeys, and rums to choose from.
Location: Cuffe Parade, Mumbai
Cost for Two: Rs. 2,000
Timing: 12 pm to 1 am

7. Open House Cafe And Bar

Open House Cafe And Bar serves an amazing selection of food that includes North Indian and Chinese cuisines.
From local dishes such as Chilly Chicken to the fancier spare ribs and bar nibbles, one can enjoy a variety of food and live matches that are shown on the big screen. To keep your spirits up during the game choose from a fine selection of imported and local beers such as Corona and Kingfisher.

Location: Dadar, Mumbai
Cost for Two: Rs. 1,200
Timing: 12.30 pm to 12.30 am

8. TAP Resto Bar

Beer on tap, pub food and big screens are the perfect things to accompany a good game. TAP Resto Bar gives its patrons this and more. The pub also offer a great selection of cocktails aperitifs and scotch. The food menu consists of Indian, Mexican, and Continental food. Hot favourites are the Chicken Tikka Pizza and the Potato Wedges.
At TAP, you can follow cricket and tennis matches in the company of ardent sports fans who cheer their teams on with gusto and fervor.
Location: Andheri West, Mumbai
Cost for Two: Rs. 1,400
Timing: 12 pm to 1.30 am

9. The United Sports Bar & Grill

The United Sports Bar & Grill is one of the best sports bars in Mumbai, and is located in the eastern suburbs. Featuring a pool table, a big screen, and HD TVs, the place is an absolute joy to watch football, cricket, and other sports matches live.
The food menu at The United Sports Bar & Grill is a mix of Chinese, Indian, and European cuisine. Popular dishes here are burgers, pasta and nachos. The drinks menu features cocktails that are curated for the Indian palate: Fudge Colada and the Paan Mojito are worth trying.

Location: Ghatkopar West, Mumbai
Cost for Two: Rs. 1,800
Timing: 12 pm to 1.30 am

10. U-Turn Sports Bar

The U-Turn Sports Bar is a new sports bar in Mumbai and it is the perfect place to watch your favourite team live on screen. Awesome finger and pub food and a vast drinks menu await you here. Nachos, fries, burgers and onion rings – perfect game night bites – are served here to get you in the mood for the big match. Add some cold beers or drinks to the mix and you have the perfect recipe for a spectacular evening out.

Location: Khar West, Mumbai
Cost for Two: Rs. 1,500
Timing: 11 am to 2 am

11. The Studs Sports Bar & Grill

Plush seating, giant TV screens and great pub food are the perfect add-ons when watching a sports game. At the Studs Sports Bar & Grill you can enjoy all of this, plus more. There is a full-size pool table to have fun with and a few PlayStations to keep you occupied during lull periods or half time. Be sure to catch the awesome flooring that has been designed to look like a football pitch.
Celebrate your teams win or drown your sorrows in their losses with single malt whiskies, craft beer and plenty of other alcoholic beverages available on the menu.

Location: Juhu, Mumbai
Cost for Two: Rs.1,500
Timing: 12 pm to 1 am

12. Amoeba Sports Bar

Amoeba Sports Bar

Situated inside the plush Phoenix Market City Mall in Kurla, the Amoeba Sports Bar is one of the only bars in Mumbai to have an attached bowling alley.
The bar is also known for its big TV screens that showcase the latest football and cricket matches, live. Matches from the English Premier League, La Liga and the Serie A are regularly shown at this bar. In the months of April to May, the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket matches are also screened here. The Amoeba Sports Bar has some great offers during IPL games.

Location: Kurla, Mumbai
Cost for Two: Rs.1,900
Timing: 11 am to 11 pm

13. Irish House

Irish House Malad

Eager to watch the big game? The Irish House sets you up with all you need to enjoy your favourite sport live. Tex-mex food and fries combinations should set you in the mood for the match. Got nerves before the match? The beers on tap available here should help calm those shaky nerves. There’s always a good, vibrant atmosphere inside the pub that makes watching live matches here a real thrill.
At Irish House, you’re never short on the live action. There are about 4 HD TVs and a giant big screen on which matches are televised.

Location: Malad, Mumbai
Cost for Two: Rs. 1,200
Timing: 11 am to 12 am

14. Score Sports Bar And Grill

Score Bar

A well-known sports bar in Malad, Score Sports Bar And Grill is where the people of Malad go to watch their favourite football teams in action. The places turns into a mini-stadium, vibrating with the highs and lows of its patrons’ emotions while watching their teams live on screen.
On the drinks menu there are the regulars such as beers, rums and vodkas, as well as a cocktails such as Martinis and a popular cocktail called Blue Shark. The best time to visit Score is during the English Premier League games and to watch Team India play.

Location: Malad, Mumbai
Cost for Two: Rs. 1,500
Timing: 12 pm to 1.30 am

So what are you waiting for? Get together your gang and head out to these best sports bars in Mumbai and cheer India with your loudest.

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