Make Your Home Look Bigger: Space Saving Tips For Home Décor

In a city like Mumbai, it is hard to find spacious homes on a budget, and with land prices rising, the task of finding them is only going to get harder. There are two things that you can do when faced between choosing a small house that fits your budget, and wanting a bigger home. One is to risk it, and take a loan, and the other is to make your home look bigger. For someone that wants to buy a home on a budget, the latter option makes the better sense. We at Le Scoop have put together this guide that aims to help you design your home to make it look spacious and neater.

1. Choose the right sized furniture

Simple Home
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In a house that is small in size, the right-sized furniture can make or break interior design. It is therefore important to keep in mind that while decorating, you pay attention to room size. Ensure that when you buy or rent furniture, you select furniture that is not bulky.

. For a room that is not spacious, a big table is not an option. Instead, opt for a table in a small or medium size, depending on the space of your room. A medium or small sized table makes the room look spacious and you avoid piling unnecessary things. An even better option is to go in for dining tables that cling to the wall, you will have enough room in the centre to move about and the room looks spacious.


2. Built-Ins Create Stylish Storage

Modern contemporary furniture is such that it gives you ample opportunity to play around with the design and creating space. If your apartment is small, invest in cabinets or beds, tables that have in-built storage options. You can use them to neatly store good and they look sleek and tidy. Built-ins are the perfect spot to display books and photos, creating a stylish storage solution.


3. Mount Your TV

Flat Screen on Wall
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A media console can be a space waster. Apart from a TV, the other electronics, are likely to be small and compact, so you do not need to waste space on buying a huge media console. Instead, mount your TV on the wall or above a fireplace cabinet that just about fits in all the electronics you need and you’ll regain necessary floor space.


4. Invest In A Wall desk

wall desk

Wall desks add beauty to walls and they are also working as amazing storage units. The beautiful thing about wall desks is that you can play around with them to create stunning designs and place then just how and where you want them on the wall. They are also available in plenty of colours, meaning that you can easily find one to match your walls and decor.


5. Opt For Small Furniture

small furniture

Oversized furniture always tickles every shopper’s fancy. They look good and stunning in showrooms, but the truth is, they are not ideal for small or medium sized apartments. They take up the bulk of your living or bedroom. A better alternative is to invest in more space-efficient options based on your individual needs. For example, if you are someone that does not entertain guests a lot, a simple sofa set and a few mall tables should be just right for your living room. It is also a good idea to skip the kitchen or dining room table and use bar stools instead.

6. Always Keep it Simple

Simple Room

Shopping for furniture is a hard task, especially with plenty of options available. While shopping for new furniture for the home, go in with a mindset that reads keep it simple. Think about space, and what furniture you need. In a small apartment, there’s not much space, to begin with, so overloading your home with complex themes that call for a ton of décor and oversized furniture makes things worse and can place a major dent in your wallet. Your house will also look cramped up.


7. Keep It Light

clean home

It is a known fact that furniture with light and simple colour pallets tricks the eye to believe that space is larger than it actually is. Follow this simple trick and try to get your furniture in light shades, they’ll make your room look bigger and neater.


8. Use Corner Shelves

Corner shelves are great to use if you are cramped for space and have things such as books, decorative items, and small items to store. Place them on the corner of the home, and you’ll hardly notice that space has been taken up. Corner shelves add beauty to your walls and lighten up the room if they are in bright and colourful hues.


9. Use Crown Molding as Shoe Racks

If you have a lot of footwear to store, skip those bulk shoe racks. Instead, use crown molding as a shoe rack. The look sleek and you can neatly stack your shoes. Crown molding is unobtrusive since it blends in with the wall, so if you are worried about it looking bad, don’t stress.


10. Get Your Bed to The Wall

If your apartment does not have any space for a couch, try placing your bed lengthwise, up against the wall. The trick here is that your bed will double up as a couch if you prop big cushions against it and use it as seating. This trick helps you save space and the additional cost of purchasing a bed and a sofa.


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