Skin care tips for the festive season.

The festive season is upon us again. We all want to look our best for the celebrations , but unfortunately, often end up looking their worst due to consumption of unhealthy rich food, stress due to hectic work schedules, the pollution in the air due to incessant firecrackers and lack of time for skincare. That is the skin care which is very important keeping in mind the added pollution and the stress. This is very easy provided there is a diligent skin care regime and during this time you need to indulge in a few extra skincare procedures which will help you long way.

We spoke to Dr Niketa Sonawane, owner at Ambrosia Aesthetics, who gave us some valuable inputs on skincare during festive season.


Top Skin care tips for the festive season

Tip #1

We love to try new makeup looks during the festive season. Make sure you clean your brushes once a week. This will prevent bacteria from growing on the brush and on your skin. Use some clarifying shampoo and running water to make sure your brushes are squeaky clean.

Tip #2

Double cleanse your skin daily with micellar water to avoid skin congestion. Make sure you moisturize well after cleansing as makeup tends to be drying on the skin. Use a sleeping mask at night or a sheet mask during the day to replenish the skin.

Tip #3

Up your fluid intake. Keep a bottle of infused water in your bag and sip on it as often as you can. Switch to green tea or warm lemon water during the day. If your festivities involve alcohol in the evening, do ensure adequate hydration during the day and also between drinks.

Tip #4

Follow your skin care routine religiously and supplement with oral antioxidants. This can save your skin from acne and dullness that can arise from the festive food, alcohol and late nights.


These are our top skin care tips for the festive season. If you are looking for more beauty tips, follow some of our other blog posts here.

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