Roll in Laughter At This Improv Night

In a fast paced city like Mumbai, life can be stressful, and there’s no better way to reduce stress than laughter. If you’re in the need for laughs, giggles, and a good time, we suggest you drop by at MRP for their Banana Splits Improv Comedy Night. The random act play promises to be a lot of fun, with great acts performing. Read on to know what you can expect at the event.

MRP, Andheri is hosting an ‘improv comedy night’ wherein a group of young actors and improvisers will come together and entertain the crowd by coming up with a play totally based on audience recommendations. This form of entertainment is highly engaging as there it does not include any scripts and one has to come up with the dialogues on the spot. Headling the event is  ‘The Banana Splits’, a comedy improve group curated by Ankit Challa/ Some performers include Jigyasa Taneja Sethi, Mahesh Madhu, Glen Saldhana and others.

Improv at MRP

No matter how stressed you are, they will make sure you take back is loads of laughter and every bone in your body is tickled. So don’t let your Friday night be the usual one and come learn ‘hasne ke naye naye kaide’.









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