GUEST POST: How tourism professionals can ensure great travelling experience

Customer satisfaction is the key to success for every enterprise, especially in the service sector. Tourism, which is one of the most heterogeneous sectors with a varied range of services from visa clearance to hotel accommodation thrives on the overall experience of the travellers. Professionalism plays the pivotal role in the success of an organisation in this sector because at every stage, from the selection of the airline to travel guides, the traveller expects comfort and quality experience at every stage of the tour and that too at the best possible price. This is a challenging task of every travelling company and apart from 100 per cent commitment level, they need to focus on the following aspects to enhance customers’ satisfaction level and the company’s growth.   

Develop a niche 

In the era of rising competition due to advancements in technologies and an unprecedented increase in the number of new players, a travel company must focus on the expertise that may easily differentiate it from rest of the enterprises and enable to position itself uniquely among the nearest rivals. Besides, the organisation should hire the people of relevant experience, and they must have an extra edge to carve a special niche. Today, customers do thorough research before choosing a travelling partner, and they always prefer to avail the services of the specialists over generalists.  

Sheer involvement 

Customers always want and acknowledge personalised services and treatment and to offer these; professionals should be very warm, supportive, and attentive in customer dealing. From meeting the customer at the promised time to addressing their queries with the best possible solutions and suggesting a package only after analyzing their needs to promptly replying their emails and phone calls, it is the out-and-out professional and personalised practices of the travel consultants that remove all communication barriers and help to deliver desired solutions to every customer.    

Quality Assurance 

Consistency in quality and adherence to industry standards always help an organisation in gaining recognition among industry players and appreciation of customers and prospects. So, continuous improvement in deliverables should be an integral part of the company’s culture and work philosophy, and there should be a tendency for quick adaptation to innovative practices which may further improve the quality of services. Here ‘innovation’ is a very broad concept, not limited to the incorporation of the latest technologies in the industry, but to a larger extent, innovation and novelty must be seen at every level of the business operation. 

Market Analysis 

The first rule of maintaining good relations with customers is clear understanding of the market. A travel company should have a sharp eye on all the market developments and trends. How a particular brand is performing well in the industry and why another company couldn’t maintain the success rate despite aggressive marketing and promotion. A thorough understanding of customers’ demands and aspirations in the target market and what should be the suitable strategies, and exploitation of the current and future opportunities must be the top priority of the company’s management. This way, tourism companies can offer travel packages and services as per the exact need of the market. 

Social Media Reach

Undoubtedly, to promote brands, interact with the target audience, and develop lasting relations with customers, social media in the present time has emerged as the holy grail for travel companies. Various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are the most engaging and cost-effective platforms to keep potential customers updated about packages, services, and achievements of the company. Besides, their positive feedback and testimonials bring tremendous results for the brand and motivate the company in offering quality services.      


THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN WRITTEN by Mr. Amit Jain, Founder and Managing Director, Rising Star Tours & Travels


Amit Jain is the founder of Rising Star Tours & Travels—a leading tour and travel agency based in Delhi,
India. As a diligent businessman having commendable leadership qualities, he shoulders the
responsibility of steering swift growth and expansion of the company. From handling the team to
delivering an impeccable experience to clients, Amit plays multifaceted roles in managing business
operations, systematically and seamlessly.

The DU alumnus completed diploma in travel trade in 1993 and five years later, he started his very own
venture, Rising Star Tours & Travels. As he always has been an avid traveller filled with perpetual fernweh, he identified the existing gaps in the tour and travel industry in India and the challenges that travellers face on a regular basis. This acknowledgment led to the foundation of Rising Star Tours and Travels—a one-stop destination for all the traveling needs.

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