8 Ways to Wear Jewellery Styles Like Celebrities

When it comes to accessorizing with jewellery, celebrity jewelry styles are something that most of us look out for. We are either browsing Pinterest for the latest celebrity jewellery trends, looking at the Instagram handles of our favourite celebrities, or simply watch E -Online or check Bombay Times for tips on how to style jewellery like our favourite celebrities.

If you are a person that takes inspiration from how celebrities style themselves or sometimes copy their red-carpet or summer/ autumn looks, then this article is just what you need to read. It features handy tips that might come to good use for when you’re looking for some jewellery styling inspiration.

Pick A Celebrity Style That Matches Your Personality

Bollywood Jewellery

We’re sure that you have look to a number of celebrities for fashion inspiration. While this is a good thing, it is always better to stick to style if you plan to use a celebrity as a fashion influence. The best way to pick out of the many is to see which celebrity matches your face type and skin tone. Jewellery compliments face type and skin tone. For example, let’s say you have a thin face, you would naturally want to wear sleek and classic jewellery instead of sporting chunky ones. Wearing chunky jewellery will look odd, and you will not get good compliments.

Look Out For Celebrity Jewellery Picks

Indian bride


Sometimes, celebrities come out with their own line of jewellery or tie-up with brands to launch a special collection. If you are always looking to celebs for jewellery styling ideas, a good idea is to invest in these collections. Another option is to follow a celebrity on social media, she or he may sometimes post jewellery from their favourite brands. Follow these two main tricks, and you’ll look just as suave as your favourite celebrity.

Keep An Eye Out For Trending Jewellery Or The Best Jewellery Lists

Top fashion bloggers and magazines always release a list that will have information on what celebrities wear. This list includes clothing as well as accessories. If you are looking to keep up with celebrity styles, look out for these articles, they’ll have great tips and will fill you in what your favourite celebrity wore to an event or on a holiday. These lists are great ready reckoners to keep for when you are looking for celebrity fashion inspiration.


If you plan to ape or take jewellery inspiration from a celebrity, we suggest that you incorporate these tips into your plan. They’re pretty straight forward and will help you put together a look that looks exactly like that of a Bollywood or Hollywood celebrity. Speaking of jewellery, have you checked out our blog piece on how to look taller, with jewellery, trust us, you’ll love it, have a read here.



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