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Body Yogurt or Body Butter – Which one do you need to buy?

Body Yogurt is a new skincare sensation. It is vegan, animal cruelty free and smells heavenly. But wait a minute? What about its cousin, Body Butter? Are you confused as we were before we tested both the products? Well, we are here to help you make a choice between body butter and body butter because we have figured out the difference between the two. We tried the British Rose Body Yogurt and Body Butter by The Body Shop.

Body Yogurt vs Body Butter, Which is Better?

Body Yogurt by Body Shop
Body Yogurt by Body Shop

Body Yogurt by Body Shop is a gel-based moisturizer which has a delicate and soothing fragrance of British Rose. It is 100 percent paraben and sulfate free and is made with Almond Milk. The gel-based moisturizer just melts into the skin and leaves a pleasant fragrance that lasts throughout the day. It’s not sticky and gets absorbed instantly. An awesome product for summer months for the silky feel and moisturized effect without stickiness. You can use it on all kinds of skins ranging from Dry to Oily and Combination. Since it is fast absorbing it won’t leave stains on your clothes and you can use it after your shower in the morning.


How is it different is Body Yogurt from Body Butter?

Body Butter


Body Yogurt is gel-based and lighter in texture and can be used for all seasons. Body Butter on the other hand is a heavy moisturizer which you can use it before bed during winters. Body Butter tends to be on the oilier side than Body Yogurt. Nevertheless, we liked both the Body Butter and Body Yogurt.




The Verdict

We loved Body Yogurt more because it is meant for all seasons, even the summers. It leaves behind a light lingering fragrance of roses for the entire day, which helps you in staying refreshed. We suggest you use Body Yogurt in the morning before you head to work and use Body Butter at night before sleeping. Avoid using the yogurt and the butter on your face. It is meant for the skin on your hands, legs and other body parts only.

Disclaimer: Please note, this is not a paid post and we have paid for the products ourselves.

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