Best Tips To Buy Pearl Jewellery

Pearl jewellery is not a cheap investment, you will be spending your hard earned money when you decided to invest and purchase pearl jewellery. It is thus important for you, the buyer, to take utmost care and do your research well before investing in pearl jewellery. To help you kick start your pearl jewellery buying journey, here are a few tips that we have put together for your benefit.

1. Do your research well

Investing in pearl jewellery can cost you a lot of money. It is therefore important that you do your research well before purchasing pearl jewellery. Study the market, ask friends and family and find out through jewellery websites about prices and basic things you need to keep in mind while buying pearl jewellery. Sometimes, vendors can overcharge and cheat you while buying pearl jewellery.

2. Buy from a trusted source

Although they are slightly more expensive than the smaller stores, big brand jewellery stores will rarely cheat you. They have a lot at stake and a reputation to maintain. In fact, most of them offer amazing customer service and will give you proper guidance about buying pearl jewellery. They are also likely to have a better variety of pearl jewellery than the smaller shops.

3. Look Out for Buy Schemes

Most jewellery shops and boutiques are likely to have EMI or such sort of scheme for customers. Find out about these schemes and see if they are feasible. While doing so, make sure you read all the terms and conditions and get all your doubts cleared by the store executive before you invest in the scheme.

4. Look out for exchange schemes

Some jewellery stores exchange old pearl jewellery for new ones. While doing so, it is important to ascertain the value of the pearl jewellery you own. Although the said jewellery will give you a value, it is better to double check with another jeweller to be sure.

5. Know the different types of pearls

There are different kinds of pearls available in the market. Some of them are; Hyderabad Pearls, Japanese Akoya Pearls, Chinese Freshwater Pearls, Tahitian Pearls from French Polynesia, White or Golden South Sea Pearls from Australia and the Philippine Islands. Each of them is priced differently, and it is important to know the worth of each of them. You can find out about the different kinds of pearls on jewellery sites or in fashion magazines.

6. Choose the perfect pearl size

Pearls are available in a variety of sizes, the larger the pearl the most costly they are. The most popular sizes are within the 7.0-9.5mm range. However, if you can carry off or love wearing jewellery big pearls, it is perfectly fine to invest in them.

7. Know about certifications

While buying pearls it is important to check that they are genuine and not fake. Pearl jewellery will have GIA certification marked on them or on the box. Every jewellery store that sells pearl jewels should carry and display the GIA certification of the said jewellery.

8. Know about the luster

Luster is the sharpness and intensity of reflections on the pearl’s surface. It is the most important feature of a pearl. If the pearls you are purchasing lack a luster, it means they are fake. While looking for luster, check if the pearls you are purchasing produce a deep, intense shine.

These are some of the tips that can help you prepare yourself well before buying pearl jewellery. Got anymore fab tips on buying pearl jewellery? We would love to hear them in the comments below.

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