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Chulla’s Veg Gujarati Thali – Simple, Delicious, Not So Value for Money

Chulla’s Veg Gujarati Thali

When you live in an area that is a meat eating one, you sometimes crave for food that is unlike what you eat everyday. This was one of the reasons why I chose to dine at Chulla’s Veg Gujarati Thali restaurant. Simple and humble, the diner has nothing fancy about it. It’s located on the Link Road, so getting there is not a problem. You can get there by the BEST bus, rickshaw, and even drive down. Parking is available in the by-lanes near the restaurant.

Chulla’s Veg Gujarati Thali can be recognized by a large red board with the eatery’s name inscribed on it. A staireway leads you to the dining area where there are a few tables, and a giant sliding window, through which air passes.  Seating is fairly comfortable, and the tables are spacious, there’s a big table for large groups.

Before you go to the dining area, read up on what is available for the day on the big whiteboard. A thali is also available, opt for that if you like eating big. The Thali consists of Gujarathi food. Dal that is sweet, two vegetables (pick from 4), rice, rotis, curd, and a salad. Yes, you also get a glass of chass to cool off with the meal.

The Thali at Chulla’s Veg Gujarati Thali will cost you Rs.150, but you can ask for repeats, if you need to. The vegetable dishes served are not oily, and very easy on the palate. The dal is sweet, I liked it, but for those that like tadka dal, it can be hard to love. The rotis are phulkas, very soft versions of the chapatis that taste so good with a dash of ghee, oil, or butter on it. The chaas offered is cooling, and a great complement to the meal.

My only criticism of Chulla’s Veg Gujarati Thali is pricing. While Rs. 150 might not be that steep, it does not match to the value the diner offers. Yes, for someone like me, the meal was unique, but with posher places to choose from in Malad, The current price is too steep.



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