Ashvem- Experience Heaven on Earth

For a tourist, Goa is a charm, the reason I say this is because the state has everything you need to enjoy a gala time. Goa has something for everyone, there are clean beaches, flea markets, and tourist attractions that are centuries old. Goa is also a splendid place for nightlife and party animals. The state is also home to places that are hotbeds for relaxation.

If you belong to a small group of people keen on experiencing a relaxed holiday, Ashvem is the one for you, and here’s how to experience the relaxed side of Ashvem Beach.

Ashvem is in North Goa, about 30 kms from Mapusa bus stand, 22 kms from Thivim Railway Station and 50 kms from the Dabolim Airport. The most convenient way to travel to Ashvem is by taxi and a flight. A pre-paid taxi from the airport to Ashvem will cost you around Rs. 1,600- Rs. 1,800, depending on the type of car you hire. It is a long journey too, but to make the drive an enjoyable one, there’s a ton of greenery to soak in along the way.

Enjoy a Breezy Ride in Ashvem

The roads leading to the Ashvem beach from Siolim are scenic, and you can expect a breezy ride if you travel early morning. The breezy ride is the perfect way to begin a relaxed Ashvem holiday

Scenic Roads in Ashvem
Relax at A Comfortable Accommodation in Ashvem

Once in Ashvem, there are plenty of hotels, home-stays, and resorts available, my personal favourite is Rococo. The resort faces the beach, and the ambiance here has relaxation written all over it. The resort has a small restaurant and bar facing the sea, that’s an excellent spot for an afternoon beer or an evening tea by the sea. In the evenings, they have cocktails, and music played by a talented DJ.

The Restaurant at Roccoco, Ashvem

Rococo Ashvem has comfortable rooms that are clean, tidy, and the staff are friendly too. If you like me love pets, there are a few dogs that are super cute and friendly to play with. What makes Rococo fascinating is that the resort is pet-friendly, you can take your pet along with you on a vacation, isn’t that lovely?

A Hearty Breakfast in Ashvem is All You Need

There’s nothing more relaxing in Goa than a lovely breakfast by the sea, and in Ashvem, you can enjoy a lovely breakfast at La Plage. A French café, La Plage overlooks the sea and serves the most delicious salads and desserts in all of Ashvem. The place tends to get crowded in the afternoons, so if you are someone who likes dining at empty restaurants, visit La Plage for an early breakfast. They have a choice of 5 breakfast options, each of which is sumptuous.

Sit by the Sea

Sunset at Ashvem Beach

Ashvem’s charming and relaxing coastline is bordered by coconut trees and beach shacks, the landscape perfectly compliments a day of out unwinding by the sea. You could book a beach bed for a day, or use a mat to sit down at the beach. The beach is not dangerous for swimming, so you can venture into the water for a light dip. If you love surfing, you could hire a board and try your hand at the sport.

Those that want to grab a drink can head over into one of the many beach shack restaurants for a quick beer and to savour delicious seafood dishes. Drinking on the beach is not allowed, so tippling on beer at a beach restaurant in your best option. In the evenings, these beach restaurants have special events. Look out for posters on the walls, they are the best way to know about what’s happening in Ashvem and where.

Enjoy a Spa Session

Spa by The Beach at Seven Seas

To top off a relaxing day at Ashvem, you have to visit the Seven Seas Spa at Leela Cottages. The property is so relaxing, I could just lie down and snooze there for hours on end. The spa has a number of treatments, use herbal and ayurvedic products, and they have skilled masseurs and beauticians.

There’s a yoga centre on the property for those looking to get in touch with their inner selves, and two amazing restaurants serving delicious Indian cuisines. For a complete relaxed experience, you can choose a gondola by the beach on the property, as you get a massage, soak in splendid views of the sea. I took a massage myself, and it was heaven, I felt rejuvenated and fresh.

In the evening, Ashvem presents you with the opportunity for a nice relaxing walk. Explore old Goan- Portuguese style houses, temples, churches, and breeze past yoga centres. If you intend to do a bit of street shopping, there’s a lovely French boutique and a few roadside stalls that sell summer wear and Goan souvenirs.

If you crave healthy food or cuisine that’s meant to keep your body happy and healthy, I would suggest you stop by at Prana Cafe at Vaayu Village. The cafe is quaint, has a healthy vibe, and is open air. This translates into it being the perfect spot for a nice relaxed, healthy meal on a vacation.

Those craving cocktails can take a long walk along the beach to the Mandrem Village where the bar at the beach has a stellar line up of cocktails that fit the vibe of Goa’s laidback vibe. When the lights are on, the place is even fancier, and its the ideal spot for a romantic dinner for one, if you’re flying solo, or if you are dining with your someone special.

Ashvem is relaxation paradise, it has all the things, I’ve mentioned above and a ton of wellness things like yoga and massages to indulge in. Ideally, you would want to spend only about 2 days in Ashvem and they move southwards to the more happening Vagator, Baga, or Candolim. This is of course if you love partying, noise, and being in the company of crowds.

Have you been to Ashvem or Mandrem? Did you like your stay there? Do let me know in the comments about your experience at Ashvem.

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