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6 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Still Greasy Despite Washing

Are you feeling frustrated and irritated because your hair is greasy even after washing it? It kind of negates everything you just did, right? While grease is normal after a couple days, you definitely should not have oily hair when it’s freshly washed, so there is something definitely wrong with your hair care routine. The causes can vary, but if this is something you’ve experienced, it’s probably a good idea to figure out what’s happening and correct it before you waste anymore of your time.

If you find hair-washing a seriously arduous process, then you want to make sure that when you carve out time to do it, you’re doing it right, and it’s a wash that’s going to last you. Whether you go a day, a few days, or a week between washes, you want to be able to go your standard duration and not have your hair grease up too quickly. There’s several mistakes or oversights you could be making that are causing your hair to feel oily before your hair has even dried yet, so check out some of these more common ones to make sure your clean hair is actually clean.


1. You Over-Conditioned Your Hair

This mistake is made with the best intentions. You think you’re taking care of your hair, so you slather conditioner all over it, but you actually don’t need to. Your ends need it more than your roots do, and you might be putting too much conditioner on your roots, causing it to feel greasy. To remedy this, just put conditioner on your weak ends.


2. You Didn’t Rinse All The Conditioner Out

In a rush to catch that train to work, you might not have washed off all the conditioner. Next time you shower, take your time and make sure all the suds are out before you call it a day. If you’re not sure if you’re washing your shampoo and conditioner out correctly, take it step by step.

You can start by washing your hair clean with just water. While there have been some myths that cold water more effectively washes your hair clean, you’ll actually want to stick with warm (but not hot!) water when you shower. The warm water helps open up your cuticles so your shampoo can penetrate your hair. Be careful not to overdo it with the heat, though. Truly hot showers will cause your sebaceous glands to produce more oil.

3. Your Conditioner Is Too Strong

If you’re only conditioning the ends and you made sure all the conditioner has rinsed out, you could be using a conditioner that’s too strong for your hair. If you have fine, thin, or naturally oily hair, you may not need to use something as heavy as someone with thick hair, damage, or dry hair. Instead, switch to a lightweight conditioner, or even a conditioner spray.

4. You Have Product Buildup

The more product you use on your hair (think serums, heat protectants, hair sprays, etc.), the more buildup they create. Regular old shampoo doesn’t always do the trick, and sometimes you have to use a clarifying shampoo to make sure all that gunk is out of there.

5. You’re Rinsing With Super Hot Water

As mentioned before, there’s an ideal temperature to wash your hair at to avoid build up and grease. Because super hot water stimulates the sebaceous gland, which secretes oil, your hair will look and feel greasier if you take hot showers. Wash your hair with warm water to allow your shampoos and conditioners to penetrate your hair follicles, and then finish with a cool rinse instead.

6. You Put Too Much Serum On

If the first thing you do after you wash your hair is put on your frizz fighter, shine serum, or heat protectant, just make sure you’re only applying a small, pea-sized amount or so. Applying too much, even of a good thing, can cause greasy roots.

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